Introducing V2.0

The Official Defi Empire Games Whitepaper

This whitepaper contains creative sustainability features combined with ideas from other successful projects as well as some solid community suggestions, implemented as improvements on V1.

Highlighted Improvements

To ensure the sustainability and longevity of the ecosystem, some key improvements on the governance token and the miner game were implemented:

βš”οΈ Anti whale-dump + anti-bot measures

βš”οΈ Consecutive Withdrawing Tax

βš”οΈ Consecutive $EDG Selling Tax

βš”οΈ Incentives for Using $EDG

βš”οΈ Consecutive Compounding Bonuses

βš”οΈ Improved User Experience

βš”οΈ Accessibility To Small Investors

πŸ”₯ And more.

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