Defi Empire Games

Jayce The Aspiring Adventurer

Defi Empire's 1st game
Jayce decides to fund adventurers' expeditions so that they bring him a share of their loot making him a fair amount of daily income, thus giving him the free time he needs to train and sharpen his skills in order to become an adventurer himself and explore the mysterious world beyond the Empire.
Jayce wants to hire as many adventurers as he can, to collect as much Defi Empire Gold ($DEG) as possible, a currency he will be needing for future adventures.
(Sneak Peak: Upcoming games will feature Jayce, as a pixel art character going on exciting adventures)

How To Play

Once you hire an adventurer, he starts bringing you daily income immediately. The yield can be reinvested to hire more adventurers and compound your earnings or sell your profits.
To start playing you need to:
  1. 1.
    Specify how many $DEG you want to spend on hiring adventurers then click 'hire adventurers'.
  2. 2.
    Once the first step is completed, your adventurers will start exploring and earning $DEG for you right away.
  3. 3.
    You can sell your $DEG or use it to hire more adventurers making your daily income larger.
If you try to hire less than 1 adventurer, you might not get any adventurers.
If you try to compound an amount that is less than what is necessary to hire 1 adventurer then, you might not get any adventurers!
You can sell the loot the adventurers bring you, but you can't sell the adventurers themselves, you only hire them. They are there to bring you loot indefinitely.


Here are the key points that make this project sustainable in the long term, almost impossible to drain out the reward pool, especially in the first 5-6 months:
  • The Adventurer Jayce contract is open source and can be viewed on BscScan.
  • Rug free and immutable; there are no functions that the devs can use to drain the reward pool or change the contract operations.
  • The Adventurer Jayce contract is sustainable due to our 3% maximum daily return and considering that many users will be regularly compounding their daily returns for larger future profits.
  • Even in worst cases, where people only withdraw and stop reinvesting, the contract will protect itself, reducing the price of adventurers faster which will result in the decrease of the daily earnings to make it sustainable over time. The contract will then start a new cycle, with cheaper adventurers, making it extremely more profitable to reinvest rather than withdraw, which will make the value of adventurers rise again and with it, the daily profits.
  • The Defi Empire ecosystem will gradually grow, and with it the utility for $DEG, which will create a high demand for the token. (At least 1 new feature per 2 months).
  • The contract uses a perfect mathematical algorithm that will be sustainable over time despite yielding an incredible 3% of daily profits.

Referral System

The feature will include a referral system that allows you to invite new members so that the contract sends a value equal to 10% of every investment they make to your collected gold, which you can choose to use to hire even more adventurers or just sell.


The leaderboard will contain the players with the highest amount of hired adventurers, there will be special rewards only for those in the leaderboard.
This will bring competitiveness to the game which will make it even more interesting and profitable for everyone.