Defi Empire Games

Adventurers Guild

Improved Version of Jayce The Aspiring Adventurer
Adventurers Guild: Miner Game
The Adventurers Guild game will have the same concept as Jayce The Aspiring Adventurer, with the following improvements:
  • Improving the UI, making it easier to use and less confusing as well as more inviting.
  • Reducing the initial price of 1 adventurer; to allow small investors to take part in the game too.
  • When you hire or compound in V2.0, the decimals won't be lost but returned as Gold collected for you.

⚔️ New Level System

Adventurers guild will include a new level system where you start at level 0 and the longer you go without withdrawing your gold the higher your level gets and the more compounding bonuses you get; You receive more adventurers than you paid for when compounding following the percentages below:
  • You reach Level 1: if you haven't withdrawn in 2days and gain 10% compounding bonus.
  • You reach Level 2: if you haven't withdrawn in 4days and gain 20% compounding bonus.
  • You reach Level 3: if you haven't withdrawn in 6days and gain 40% compounding bonus.
  • You reach Level 4: if you haven't withdrawn in 8days and gain 60% compounding bonus.
  • You reach Level 5: if you haven't withdrawn in 10days and gain 90% compounding bonus.
  • You reach Level 6: if you haven't withdrawn in 12days and gain 130% compounding bonus.
Your level only resets to 0 if you withdraw your gold; so you can keep compounding using the bonuses as much as you want as long as you don't withdraw your gold.

⚔️ Consecutive Withdraw Taxes

  • Adding a 20% tax on withdrawing Gold two times in less than 48hrs.
  • Adding a 40% tax on withdrawing Gold three times in less than 72hrs.
  • Adding a 60% tax on withdrawing Gold four times in less than 5 days.
  • Adding a 80% tax on withdrawing Gold five times in less than 6 days.
  • 100% of these tax goes back to the reward pool.
  • The maximum you can withdraw at once is the amount of gold that you collect in 24hrs. Example; Say you make 1000 Gold/day and you wait 3 days until you have 3000 Gold collected then withdraw, you will withdraw 1000 Gold and the remaining 2000 Gold will stay as gold collected that you can either use or withdraw again with taxes. This will ensure that the taxes aren't avoidable by waiting without compounding then withdrawing all of the gold collected.
Keep in mind if you withdraw your gold once every 48hrs or more you won't get any Consecutive Withdraw Tax.

⚔️ Leaderboard

The leaderboard will contain the players with the highest amount of hired adventurers, there will be special rewards only for those in the leaderboard.
V1's top10 (before the save) will be granted a whitelist spot to the stealth launch of $EDG as well as a whitelist spot for the Discounted NFT Mints.
This will bring competitiveness to the game which will make it even more interesting and profitable for everyone.