Defi Empire Games

Staking $EDG

Adjustable Whitepaper for $EDG Staking
Stake your $EDG tokens and earn staking rewards in $EDG (185% APY) on top of your holdings and grow them further by compounding those future rewards.

✨Staking Features

  • Stake any amount of $EDG you want.
  • You can restake (compound) once every 24 hours (0% tax).
  • You can claim your rewards once every 24 hours (5% tax).
  • You can unstake your $EDG any time you want (10% tax).
  • Staking for at least 1 month before unstaking will remove all taxes above.
  • V1.0 players with saved adventurers will have a 10% compounding bonus forever.
  • Players on the V2.0 Leaderboard will get an extra compounding bonus starting at 1% for the Top 10, up to 10% for the Top 1.