Defi Empire Games

Enhanced Draconic Gold ($EDG)

Governance Token For Defi Empire Games V2.0
$EDG is the new governance token of Defi Empire Games. It's deflationary; a percentage of the taxes is burned indefinitely. Scarcity = increased value over time. And its utility will increase as the ecosystem grows.
There will be no presale for $EDG.
$EDG will have a stealth launch where whitelisted can buy up to 0.5BNB on PCS.
We will provide the BNB needed for the liquidity.
100% of the team's tokens will be locked.
100% of the liquidity will be locked.
Defi Empire Games: $EDG

⚔️ Improvements

  • Transfer Tax: 3%. (Using or withdrawing $EDG from games is excluded from this tax).
  • Buy Tax: 3%.
  • Sell Tax: 5% standard tax. (Standard tax gets added to the below sell taxes).
+ 15% if sold in the previous 8hrs (to avoid this tax, you need to wait at least 8hrs between each $EDG sell); to prevent bots/whales from continuously dumping small amounts.
+ 20% if selling tokens not acquired through one of our games. Example; Adventurers Guild. (Each time you claim $EDG from a game, you can sell that amount without paying this 20% tax); to encourage holders to use their $EDG instead of just trading it.
+ an additional tax that scales up with the amount of $EDG being sold compared to the amount of $EDG left in liquidity, up to 50%; to prevent huge dumps on $EDG. It follows the equation; percentage of liquidity divided by 2:
  • Selling 100% of liquidity gets an additional 50% tax.
  • Selling 50% of liquidity gets an additional 25% tax.
  • Selling 24% of liquidity gets an additional 12% tax.
  • Selling 10% of liquidity gets an additional 5% tax.
  • Selling 1% of liquidity gets an additional 0.5% tax.

⚔️ Taxes

  • All the BNB taxed goes back to liquidity, you can look at it as an instant buyback with 100% of the taxed amount.
  • 0.5% of the taxed $EDG is burned; making $EDG deflationary. ($EDG becomes more scarce which makes it more valuable over time).
  • The rest of the taxed $EDG is sent to the tax address that will fund reward pools for future games/features.

⚔️ Token Stealth Launch

  • $EDG will have a stealth launch a day before the public launch.
  • During the stealth launch, the whitelisted can buy up to 0.5BNB on PancakeSwap.
  • The price will fluctuate during this stealth launch after people buy in.
  • $EDG can be purchased but can't be sold during the stealth launch.
  • Whitelisting will be through events and contests held on our social media.
  • The BNB will be directly sent to the liquidity.
  • Starting price: 0.1BNB = 1000$EDG

⚔️ Token Launch

In order to prevent bots from sniping our launch and dumping later, we will be lowering the taxes for a short period and set them back up again to 100% and repeat the process a few times before launch. Wallets who immediately snipe will be blacklisted and cannot transfer their token anymore. So make sure to not buy before we officially announce the launch, or you might get blacklisted as well!!!
Disclaimer: Anyone who isn't whitelisted and tries to buy during the Stealth Launch on the 29th April will be considered a sniping bot and will be blacklisted, as well as those whitelisted who try to buy more than 0.5BNB.